Free Aussie Pokies Games

Sports Pokies

Although it is true that Australian players love playing fun pokies games, they do not only enjoy playing the Crocodile Dundee themed pokies. Australians are well known for their love of sports and it is therefore not surprising that many Aussie players enjoy playing sports pokies both for real money as well as free Aussie pokies.

Traditional Pokies and Sport Pokies

Traditionally, pokies came in very limited varieties, in fact, in the UK the pokies were also known as fruit machines as the main symbols used on the 3 or 5 reel pokies were fruit symbols and in particular cherries and pineapples.

As the online casino became more popular, the pokies became more exciting and varied and the online casino programmers added many varied themes and symbols to the pokies games including animal themes, pokies based on famous movies or television programmes and the Aussie favourite, sports themed pokies games.

Some of the sports themed pokies games include basketball, boxing, horse racing and golfing themed pokies. The most popular sports in Australia are probably the games of football, rugby, crocket and golf and pokies players who are also sports fans will be delighted to know that there are a host of pokies with these sports themes that can be played at the online casino.

The Most Popular Sports Pokies

Some of the popular sports pokies games that Aussie players enjoy playing include ‘The Lucky Shot Game’  with its golf theme and enormous jackpot, ‘Sports Night Pokies’ that incorporates a number of popular sport games including football, hockey, baseball and basketball and the game of ‘Sumo’ with its exciting Japanese fighting theme. A sports themed pokies game that is particularly popular among Aussie players is the ‘Shoot’ pokies game that is based on the nostalgic Shoot magazine from the 1960s. This pokies game features the all time favourite Australian game of football and showcases many of the football legends, it is sure to thrill any football fan with its many opportunities to win some great payouts whilst heralding the glory days of football.

Players at the online casino are able to enjoy and play free pokies as well as pokies for real money. Playing free pokies is a great way to learn the rules of the pokies game and try out the game to see if you enjoy playing it, before beginning to play for real money.

The online casino should also offer the player a variety of sports themed pokies in a number of different of pokies machines such as classic three or five reel pokies, as well as progressive pokies with some giant jackpots. The online casino will also give the player the option of downloading the pokies game on to his computer or playing the game directly from the browser in the flash, instant format.

Whether the player chooses to play his favourite sports pokies game for free or real money, in the download version or the flash version, he is sure to have a great time as he combines his love for sports with the opportunity to win his own personal jackpot.