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Bringing the best pokies in the world to our Aussie clientele is our mission.  But it’s not enough for us to bring you pokies; we want to provide the best possible service to you. 

Information You Can Use

Every player has his or her own personal style.  This extends not only to clothes, food, and sports but to pokies as well.  Aussies like adventure but also have a soft spot for romantic pokies.  To provide Aussie-quality service to you in your quest for the pokies that are the most fun for your personal style, we must give you accurate and substantial information.  It’s only pokies, you say; but we say pokies are our niche, Aussie pokies-lovers are our clientele, and we propose to be the most informative source online.  There are more categories relating to pokies than you might think.

Free Pokies

Take for example free pokies.  Now, ultimately you have to wager some money to get the full feeling that comes with civilized gambling.  But we believe that every pokies devotee should be able to play pokies for free before needing to register and deposit.  Many online casinos offer free play.  Some offer a no-deposit bonus.  We want to tell you about these great offers but we also want to introduce you to the casinos that let you play for fun even before you sign up!  So, here are three categories to start:

  •       Free pokies before depositing
  •       No deposit bonus
  •       Free pokies before registering

Pokies Come in All Shapes And Sizes

Next we come to the types of pokies online.  Pokies come in many forms.  Players looking for some nostalgia might go for a retro pub or fruit pokie, with three reels and the symbols that were common in the 50’s and before.  More modern pokies have five reels but even here there is great variation.  Some five-reel pokies have a few paylines perhaps nine on up to 20 or more.  There are definitely many pokies in this category that are a joy to play.  What makes these pokies fun may be the artistic symbols, the apropos music, the overall theme, and the special features.  However, they aren’t the most modern pokies around.  The truly modern pokies have five reels but may expand to six reels in the bonus area.  As five-reel pokies, they may have 243 ways to win.  That’s a far cry from 9 to 20+ paylines.  Yet, when a five-reel pokies expands to six reels, the number of ways to win reaches 1000!

Modern pokies all tell a story.  Everything in the pokie, from the characters to the background, to the music, to all the other symbols is dedicated to telling the story.  The modern pokie wants you to enter the story, to live the story vicariously.  To keep you interested in the story, pokies have bonuses, Wild symbols, and Scatter symbols each with a special role to play and each capable of becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

Many pokies are adapted from hit television series or movies.  They often feature short clips from the show or movie.  The graphics and sound quality make you forget that you are at a casino.

Many pokies have a seasonal theme.  Perhaps you never thought about it before but Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween are three of the most popular seasonal or holiday themes for pokies.

Daddy, Where do Pokies Come From?

There are many software companies that specialize in producing games for online casinos.  Although there are many variations of all the classic casino games, there are by far more different types of pokies than of any other game.  At last count there were more than fifty discernible categories of pokies even though there is also some overlap in category in individual pokies.  You’ve heard about some of the software giants but have you also heard about the smaller software companies?  We’d like to tell you things about the companies, both big and small, that you don’t know already.

Who Wants To Be A Zillionaire?

Another category that gets a lot of attention is jackpots, especially progressive jackpots.  First, you may not know how the casino gets the money for a progressive jackpot.  Casinos contribute to the jackpot a percentage of their profits from regular play on the pokies.  But casinos are also usually part of a network, sometimes made up of “sister” casinos run by the same parent company, and sometimes made up of casinos connected to a software provider.  If all or most of the casinos that use that software provider’s pokies join together to offer a progressive jackpot, the top prize can reach millions of dollars.  After all, there are many tens of millions of people playing pokies all the time around the world.


This is a subject that deserves some discussion.  High volatility means you may play for many spins without a win and then hit a big win.  Low volatility means that you get frequent small wins but rarely a  big win.  In the long run, your chances of winning at pokies depends almost entirely on luck but some pokies players prefer high volatility and some prefer low volatility.  So, we tell you what sort of volatility to expect from a given pokie.  Then the decision, to play or not to play, is entirely yours.

Games Honesty

Every online casino worth considering is certified by a reputable company whose job is to be ever-vigilant regarding the honesty of the casino’s games.   Any game that isn’t being played at an online Live Casino requires some technology to guarantee the honesty of the game. Why else would anyone drop a cent on a spin?  One of the recurring myths of online pokies is that the casino can alter the outcome of a spin.  This is simply not true.  There is a machine called the Random Number Generator (RNG) that….chooses numbers at random!  For our purposes, random number also means “Where the reels stop spinning”.  Once you know the names of the few companies that certify the honesty of the games, we need only tell you that casino x is certified by company y.


Directly connected to game honesty is the subject of payouts, meaning:  How much of every dollar wagered is returned to players at large.  For pokies, a payout rate of less than 95% is considered low; above 97% is very good indeed.  The payout rate changes because of the RNG but we try to report the most recent rate.


Aussie pokies players world-wide love to test their pokies luck in competition with other pokies fanatics.  Casinos run tournaments for those of us who want such competitions.  Now, not all tournaments are the same.  The prize money varies, to be sure.  But the manner in which prize money is gathered also varies.  In short, there are buy-in tournaments and free entry tournaments.  There are casinos that will pay your buy-in fee if you have accumulated enough comp points there.  There are endurance tournaments that require you to play for hours and there are tournaments that last a period of days or weeks so you can come and go.

Some tournaments are offered as special promotions while other tournaments are continuing, that is, when one ends another begins.

Take The Pokies With You

Mobile gaming is all the range.  So, if you must have your pokies with you and you are about to go walkabout, you can play pokies (at least until your battery runs out, LOL).  More realistically, mobile technology continues to improve so the clarity of mobile games, pokies included, keeps getting better.  There are fewer pokies on mobile because of the need to refit each pokie for hundreds of mobile devices but mobile nevertheless provides a great extra benefit to players who just love a few spins whenever time allows.

Pokies Myths

Pokies are too much fun to play for us to get bogged down in myths that have absolutely no basis in fact.  When new myths come along, we try to nip them in the bud.  Myths cost you time, money, and especially pokies enjoyment.

We already touched upon one such myth.  Most myths develop because players don’t fully understand how the Random Number Generator (RNG) works.  But here’s a myth that comes and goes, gets debunked and dies for a while then resurfaces and lives on for a time until we and others like us debunk it again: you can’t figure out the odds of winning even if you know how many symbols there are on a reel.  The RNG counts “stops” not symbols.  So, there may be 15 symbols on a reel but there also might be 100 stops.  It’s the stops that determine winners.

Graphics, Animation, and Sound

Technology is booming everywhere we look and, for us as pokies purveyors, the advances in technology in recent years have been nothing short of phenomenal.  This is true especially in graphics, animation, and sound.

Here’s an interesting question: do you know what vector graphics is?  Neither did we!  But vector graphics is a prime source of the modern, sleek character, symbol, and background graphics we see more and more on modern pokies.  It is based on mathematical formulas that create shapes that can be put together to form renditions of people or things!  No, we don’t understand it either; but we thoroughly enjoy the kind of pokies graphics it gives us!

Vector graphics usually create two dimensional images.  Modern pokies abound in three-D images as well!  The stories that modern pokies tell artfully employ both 2-D and 3-D imagery.


This is the twin of graphics.  Animation jumps out at you from the screen at unexpected moments.  Aside from the pleasure of winning real money, the fun we get from watching the animation is often “worth the price of admission”!  Look at it this way: we also watch television programmes a second or third time and we laugh at the same jokes.  We watch movies more than once and are entertained, perhaps more the second time than the first.  In pokies, when the animation appears, not with every spin, by any means, but frequently, we are amused again and again.


This category is the third in our latter trilogy.  Music often is the deciding factor in whether we stay with a pokie or move on to the next one.  It isn’t just music that players want; they want high-quality sound.  Modern pokies deliver sound quality unthinkable just a few years ago. 

We’ll tell you if the music on a given pokie is unappealing (to us).  If you like the pokie but not the sound, you can always turn down the sound.  If the background music is important to you, you may choose to play a different pokie.  There are already so many pokies, that the creators are making great efforts to ensure that the music is as appealing as the graphics, the animation, and everything else that goes into a successful pokie.

We’ll give you just one example of how music enhances the enjoyment of a pokie.  We know of at least one player who plays Sure Win just because he loves listening to the Lone Ranger theme while he’s getting free spins.  Plus, he always chooses the most spins with the lowest multiplier just so he can hear the music longer!

Responsible Gambling

We love pokies and we know that you do, too.  But we also know that gambling in any form can get out of hand.  Pokies can and should be innocent fun at an affordable price.  That’s why we support the idea of penny slots and why we openly advocate for every gamers right to play pokies online for free.  Although we feel that putting a small wager on the outcome enhances the experience of the game, we also feel that anyone who just wants to play for fun should be able to do so and shouldn’t even be asked to sign up with a casino.